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Hi folks & welcome to my website!

My name is Wade Mosher & I'm based in Canada, a little east

of Toronto. Here's a list of things I do:

  • Help other artists realize their aural vision through production, arrangements, mastering, nutrition & life skills. (Okay, I made up the last two. Really...don't
    ask me about any of that stuff!)
    This part of what I

    do is called 'Windowman Productions'.


  • Session work; online or on-site. If you need guitar or bass parts recorded, I will get the job done in a pro and timely manner. Fluent in most genres, I can add that special sauce to your musical burger. And it can't be stressed enough what a fun & humble guy I am to hang with. Contact me for more info.

  • Live; guitar or bass. I've been doing gigs in every genre imaginable for a very long time. I started in a Punk band, sold out to Top 40, hitched a ride on the Traditional Country train, found me some Mofo Blues, drank my way through New Country and covered every Rock song and sub-genre imaginable. Sort of in that order, too!! Drop me a line...

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