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Eyes of the Roshi Wade Mosher Eric Roberts Ethan Marten

I just finished writing and recording the score for 'Eyes of the Roshi', a Light Age Films production starring

Eric Roberts, Ethan Marten & Adam Nguyen. It is scheduled to be released later this year. Check out

the trailer for this cool little Tarantino-esque flick.

Two other film projects are in the works. I'll keep

you posted when I know more but, you know,

NDA and all that other legal stuff!

Unforgettable CBS season 3 finale Gaunce and Mosher

In 2014, 'Gaunce & Mosher' (one of the side projects I'm in), had our version of The Beatles song 'Blackbird' placed on the 3rd season finale of the

CBS show, 'Unforgettable'. The song was featured for 2 ½ minutes while the final scene played out, into

the credit scroll, making me temporarily famous.

Gaunce & Mosher Blackbird The Beatles
The R.I.P. Files Wade Mosher theme song

The R.I.P. Files is a really cool ghost-hunting show currently on the SyFy network. In 2015, the producers hired me to record a new theme song. You can hear some of it at the end of this trailer.

Wade Mosher music mtv
Wade Mosher music itv studios U.K.
Wade Mosher music cbs
Wade Mosher music cbc canadian fucking content
Wade Mosher music NBC
Wade Mosher music ctv can-fucking-con
Wade Mosher music
Wade Mosher music
Wade Mosher music tlc channel for idiots
Wade Mosher music
Wade Mosher music
Wade Mosher music
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