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I have three albums you can listen to and purchase via PayPal. Whether you buy a song or album, your downloads will be

lossless WAV files; buying directly from me cuts out the middle man!


​Yup, that's me. Here's a sampler album of 10 songs that

you can check out & purchase through PayPal.


Bill Gaunce & I have been collaborating since 2008, landing songs on some pretty cool TV shows and movies as well as having other artists cover our originals. Check out our version of The Beatles song 'Blackbird' which was featured on the 3rd season finale of the CBS show, 'Unforgettable'.


​I've collaborated with some great writers & singers over the years. Check out this Rock, Pop, Metal & Glam compilation featuring Mark Kaufman, Tim McKeage & Mark C. And don't forget, you can purchase this album or individual songs through PayPal!

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